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Roto-Cart is an important company integrated in the Tissue sector born in 1981 which boasts two production plants: in Castelminio di Resana where the finished product is made and in Borgo a Mozzano in the province of Lucca where the raw materials are processed.

The company was born from the desire of the Gelain family to bring a strong technological innovation to the world of tissue since, until that moment, it was still tied to traditional machinery and methods.

The highly advanced technology and the great attention to the selection of raw materials led, in a few years, the company to stand out both in the national and international market for its products characterized by innovation and extreme quality.



Roto-Cart’s production processes are characterized by the most advanced technology in the sector, which plays an important role within the company’s growth strategy. The constant updating of the technologies allows the creation of premium quality products that always perform well, which contribute to minimizing waste. Roto-Cart is thus able to respond to the constant demand for efficiency, functionality and sustainability from consumers.


Roto-Cart applies strict quality control tests to its products, which are performed daily in internal laboratories. Continuous research on raw materials and constant market analyzes allow us to create new quality standards that meet all consumer needs.


Roto-Cart is present on the shelves of GD, Organized Distribution and Drugstore, as well as in the Away From Home sector. The company has an especially national distribution network but it is also part of foreign markets thanks to its highly competitive products.


The Roto-Cart group is projected towards the most innovative technological solutions aimed at reducing energy and water consumption.

The commitment that the company sets itself is based on the search for continuous product innovation to offer consumers products characterized by unsurpassed quality and that represent the best on the market.

Particular attention is also given to respect for the environment through the creation of more compact products, the reduction of packaging and transport with the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.



Roto-Cart pays great attention to protecting the environment and adopts, in fact, rigorous internal protocols to manage all processes in a more sustainable manner. Within the production cycle only selected raw materials are used that are certified in such a way as to obtain superior and safe products, minimize waste and protect the environment.

The company is FSC® (License Code FSC-C108773) certified and produces Ecolabel products.

For example, to protect the environment is also thought the packaging of the articles composed of a weight reduced by 30% in such a way as to produce less plastic and impact, therefore, less on the environment. Furthermore, the inner part of each roll is small and flexible, specifically designed to use the least amount of cardboard possible.

All these precautions, as well as having an eye for the environment, allow to optimize the productive resources, guarantee the production of a smaller quantity of waste by the consumer as well as a substantial reduction of polluting emissions due to the transport of the products.

Support the environment using FSC® certified products


Roto-Cart puts consumer protection first by ensuring control of all stages of production within the plants. Each product, in fact, is processed according to the standards present in the production technical data sheets thus protecting the consumer purchase.

The company is also ISO 9001 certified which represents the reference standard for quality management. This guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s internal processes and its competitiveness in the market by improving customer satisfaction and retention. It also guarantees the continuous improvement of company performance, allowing the company to ensure its customers the maintenance and improvement over time of the quality of their goods and services.

Another firm point of the company is the respect of the people who collaborate together, their serenity is fundamental for the success of the products and, therefore, the highest standards are put in place to protect safety during all stages of production.


For years, Roto-Cart has supported the Città della Speranza foundation in its commitment to research and assistance against childhood neoplastic diseases at the pediatric oncohemology center in Padua. To offer new hope to those who suffer and bring real help to those in need.